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We once were strangersNever knowing of each other We were lost in a cold, unforgiving world Desperately searching for warmth We once were acquaintances Excited by the wonder of one another We were inseparable  Eagerly conquering the land of infatuation We once were lovers Filled with joy at the sight of our partner We were in love Blissfully lost in harmony 
We once were robotsBored to death from repetitionWe were mechanics, rebuilding our loveColdly entering the realm of a familiar world We once were amnesiacs Disappointed by our latest prototype  We were hammers in a sea of blood Resentfully struggling to repair the damage We once were friends Guilted by the sight of one another We were bandages that covered up the scars Indifferently existing to remain We once were stubbornWe once were sorry We once wereSomething Now, we are strangers Knowing of each other We are lost in a cold, unforgiving world Desperately searching for warmth It’s nice to meet you.


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One of my fave Lang Leavs

Thanks lovely xo Lang 
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